Hello!! I’m Dr Mohamad Farrage and I’m a certified cardiologist. I have been practicing cardiology since about 10 years. Most of the patients whom I see in my clinic are suffering from a famous disease known as hypertension, where they have an uncontrolled blood pressure, and most of them are on Anti-hypertensive medications.

I usually get night calls from patients where they start complaining from an elevated blood pressure (BP) reading despite taking their medications, consequently I tell them to relax, don’t panic, find a quiet place to sit down and focus on your breathing for just 5 minutes. I ask them to deeply inhale for 4 seconds, hold breath for 4 seconds and exhale for 4 seconds. The result was, after 5 minutes of this simple act, their blood pressure normalize.

That is called diaphragmatic breathing which is really helpful in such situations as it stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system, through the contraction of your diaphragm which stimulates your vagus nerve, decreasing the sympathetic overdrive causing this elevated BP.

If I have a patient with an elevated BP reading, I don’t rush into the diagnosis of hypertension, I just tell him/her to wait outside of the clinic for just 5 minutes and during those 5 minutes he/she will just focus on their breathing in the same manner, and lots of them comes back again with a normal BP reading.



One day, One of my close patients who is actually suffering from hypertension started complaining to me from his premature ejaculation (PE), he told me that he is fed up from being always the one minute man, he mentioned that this problem existed with him since he got married, he was really bothered with this problem as it was endangering his marital life.

His urologist did not find any secondary causes, he tried different therapies but they were all unsuccessful with him. He started by using local anesthetics but the problem that, his penis gets numb where he can’t enjoy having sex and much worse than that, he looses his erection. He tried taking SSRIs but he stopped taking them due to their huge side effects where he used to have severe headaches from them.

I just advised him to practice this type of diaphragmatic breathing during sexual intercourse, as it is well known that breathing is considered to be one of the techniques used to control sexual arousal. In his next visit he thanked me on my advice as it helped him to last longer a little bit than his usual time where he can now stay for 2 more minutes, but still he was not satisfied with his timing he wanted to last more longer. 

I became interested to solve his problem, in fact I started to ask each and every hypertensive patient if he suffers from premature ejaculation, or is not satisfied with his sex timing, and the surprise was most of them were having the same problem!!

The main issue over here is that hypertensive patients are usually having a sympathetic overdrive, whereas ejaculation is also controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, so definitely there is a link between these patients and this problem.

Premature ejaculation is mostly a sympathetic overdrive problem combined with other problems including hormonal imbalances. Accordingly, I read more and more in the field of sex therapy, urology, neurology and on the physiology behind erection, sexual arousal and ejaculation where I found out that we can combine some techniques with this type of breathing to solve this problem. 


Most individuals who suffers from premature ejaculation are not in good control of
their nervous system,where they get highly aroused easily. During coitus they
get easily excited as their breathing rate and pattern change. Instead of
breathing slowly from their lower lungs they breathe rapidly and shallowly from
their upper lungs which then leads to a sympathetic overdrive, a faster heart
rate and then “BOOM” –> Ejaculation.

So the main problem over here is their “sympathetic overdrive”. I’m a
cardiologist so that makes one of my goals is to lower the sympathetic drive of
my patients helping them to remain in the parasympathetic state. The lower is
their sympathetic drive the more stable are my patients and the more happier
they will be, therefore that puts premature ejaculation on my pathway to solve
it, as it is ruled mostly by the sympathetic nervous system overdrive.



I accidentally read an article on a practice from India known as “Pranayama” (yogic breathing technique) which uses a triangular breathing technique by using a triangular figure.

This technique is similar to the one I use with my patients, where by using the triangle breathing  inhalation will be on a side, holding breath on a side and exhaling on a side. So I thought why don’t we take advantage of this triangular figure to be played in an app as an animation in front of the patient during sexual intercourse? This will guide the patient’s breath and will help him to be more focused, assisting him not to easily slide towards the sympathetic trap which leads to ejaculation. And that was the birth of EjaContro’s idea.

I started thinking of other strategies that could be added to breathing helping the patient to last longer beside breathing, since it turned out that breathing alone is not enough, so I came up with the Smiling Technique which is helpful when combined with breathing, Continuous Reverse Kegels (CRK) technique which basically means a technique that helps in maintaining reverse kegels during intercourse,The Triangular Reverse Kegels Exercise”The Descending Pause method, a
strategy of the depth and speed of strokes, the Pre-Plateau start stop technique and Binaural beats.

These techniques will be implemented & combined together with breathing in the app, helping PE patients to remain in the parasympathetic state staying away from ejaculation during intercourse. I had the road-map written down and immediately started action. I sought help from an amazing app developing team called AppZionix, where they helped me to develop my app. So a big thanks for them.

When my app design was over I tested it with some of my patients and I started with the patient who was the cause of this idea, taught him how to effectively use the app with his partner, and I was surprised that he was able to increase his timing from 3 minutes up to 9 minutes & that was just in his first 10 training sessions. So WOW that was more than a 2 Times increase in such a short time.

He kept on practicing with the Triangular reverse kegels exercises, CRK technique, breathing and binaural beats and he successfully reached a duration of 20 minutes. The patient is satisfied and I was really happy with this tremendous success. Where as the other patients 3 out of 7 of them initially were not able to effectively sync their breathing phases and thrusts with the EjaContro‘s animation ,  but with continuous training with their partners and applying the techniques implemented in the app including the app exercises they successfully increased their sex timing and eventually reached their target timings. The rest 4 patients noticed a significant difference in their timings and they happily reached their target timings with continuous and effective practicing with their partners and the app. 

That’s it!! A long story made short for you. So I hope the app suites you and
finally please don’t forget to read the tutorial and the educational sections
thoroughly before effectively using the app. Wishing you a stable and a happy
life with your partner.

Thank you 

Dr Mohamad Farrage 
MBBCh., MSc.
Founder of EjaContro