An Amazing Progress from a unique Ejacontro User

What I’m about to share with you now is a descriptive diagram designed by a designer who happened to be one of the unique Ejacontro users. 

Lets read his message. 

“High Doc! I just want to thank you for all your responds to my inquiries.
Kindly you will find attached a gift of my design, a descriptive diagram of
my progress during the use of the app throughout the last 4 months. I think
that would guide other users in tracking their progress too. Hope that helps other users understands your  preplateau method efficiently.”  

Beginner Mode Strategy
Intermediate Mode Strategy
Advanced Mode Strategy

So first of all I want to thank him for this amazing gift and for this good description of his progress during his arousal control journey with Ejacontro. Which I’m sure that will add a lot to Ejacontro’s

Now this was the user’s status before using Ejacontro: 

  • He was ejaculating after 2 minutes of sexual intercourse.
  • His partner was not satisfied and his marital life was endangered.
  • He was not concentrating on his Job and that led to problems with his job colleagues.
  • He had a bad life style, not exercising and eating unhealthy food. 

That totally affected his life in a negative way, until luckily he found Ejacontro. 

He started to follow our steps with the change of his life style to the one which is recommended.

And in a course of 4 months of complete dedication and discipline to the app guides and steps, practicing the CRK, breathing guides with Binaural beats, Smiling and the Pre-Plateau Start-Stop methods. Besides a complete
dedication of his partner too who was very caring on him and she wanted his problem to be solved (a big thanks for her too) he eventually reached a sex timing of 20 minutes without any breaks.

Let us check together, how did he solve his problem with the help of Ejacontro? 

His Beginner mode strategy:

In his First week:

He started by adding 2 minutes to his basic timing as recommended, training himself to stay for 4 minutes. He found out that his Plateau phase (the moment where he reached the edge of ejaculation) was existing in his 7th breath cycle, so therefore he took his sex break at the end of his 6th breath cycle, applying the Pre-Plateau Start-Stop method. 

And this order of breath cycles will be his standard number that he will rely upon in the rest of his partner training Beginner mode sessions.

He had 4 training sessions with his partner in his first week. In each session he was having only one sex break, starting with a 40 seconds break down to a 10 seconds break, in 4 successive sessions. Also applying effectively the CRK technique. 

The second week:

Then the next week he placed a target of 8 minutes (added his initial target timing) of intercourse. During his 8 minute session, once he achieved his first 4 minutes without any pauses, he added the same number of breath
cycles (6 breath cycles) above his completed non-stop 4 minutes intercourse reaching his Breath cycle number 18, and stopping at the end of this breath cycle pausing for 40 seconds then continues 6 breath cycles again until achieving those 8 minutes. 

Also decreasing his pause timing gradually in each session in the same manner starting from 40 seconds break to 10 seconds break until completing those 8 minutes without any breaks.

Consequently he continues adding 4 minutes to his target timing in the next week making it for 12 minutes, also practicing the same method in the same manner.  and once he succeeded he added 4 more minutes in the next week making his target 16 minutes. Until he reached his over-all target timing which was 20 minutes.

Once he reached those 20 minutes successfully without any breaks he got very confident and shifted to the intermediate mode.

His intermediate mode strategy:

He started to practice the intermediate mode in the same manner as he did in the beginner mode, by adding 2 minutes to his inital sex timing. Then he noticed that his plateau phase was in his 10th breath cycle, so therefore that makes him takes his sex break on the end of the 9th breath cycle.

Now you may ask how come his Pre-Plateau breath cycles over here are more than the breath cycles of his beginner mode?! First that is because the breath cycles of the intermediate mode are running faster than the beginner mode, the speed of thrusts in the intermediate mode are faster than the usual 2 seconds thrusts of the beginner mode, so he may pass by more breath cycles due to the higher speed of thrusts besides the user’s condition and his confidence got improved after acheiving those non-stop 20 minutes in the beginners mode. 

Then in the same manner as the beginner’s mode he started his first week by 4 minutes target timing in 4 successive sessions decreasing his break
timings gradually from 40 seconds to 10 seconds.

Then the next week he made his target for 8 minutes, adding 9 breath cycles beyond his non-stop 4 minutes reaching Breath cycle order 27, taking his break then resume again for 9 breath cycles until acheiving those 8 minutes.

Then he continues in the same manner as we discussed above until he reaches his over-all target timing in the intermediate mode. 

His advanced mode strategy: 

Now the Advanced mode is kind of hard because it requires a full penis withdrawal with faster thrusts. So it requires a special care.

Over here he added one minute to his initial sex timing (not the usual 2 minutes), to avoid rapid failure.

He started by 3 minutes target timing, he noticed that his plateau phase breath cycle existed in his 8th breath cycle, so therefore he stopped at the
end of the 7th breath cycle, remaining 6 breath cycles towards his target timing.

Note if you faced this same condition where the breath cycles on both sides are not equal and there is difference by one, rely upon the least
one not the bigger one, so here his breath cycles that he will rely upon are 6 breath cycles. In case the difference is more than one rely upon the average between those 2 breaths (e.g 8 breath cycles, Pause then 4 breath cycles (8+4)/2 = 6 breath cycles) 

Then he practiced the same method that is mentioned above until he reached his over-all target timing.


  • You might feel, in the beginning, that the Beginner mode is slightly boring due to the same continuous rhythm of thrusts. You should notice that the Beginner mode is an important primary step to set your mind and body for an effective arousal control, you should be patient in this important step. You have to follow the thrusting pattern that the beginner mode is providing. The beginner mode is like adapting or training your mind and body on controlling your ejaculation on a low intensity sex. Preparing yourself for a later high intensity sex, imagine yourself running fast from your first attempt in exercising!! you cannot endure that! But first you have to practice walking for a certain time (Beginner mode) then you mix walking with running (intermediate mode) then eventually you will be able to run continuously (Advanced mode). The same principle lies over here.
  • Once you have adapted your mind and body on not ejaculating throughout your overall target timing in the beginner mode, then you can now shift to the intermediate mode, where you will find it really entertaining for both of you, because your speed of thrusts will variate between fast and slow, and it will be challenging and entertaining for you to sync your breath and thrusts with the animation & Binaural beats. So just be patient, follow our steps and you will eventually have the best ejaculation control ever. 
  • If this method does not suit you and still you have the feeling that you cannot control your arousal effectively despite following your breath cycles then you can neglect your breath cycle numbering and rely upon your sense of ejaculation ONLY. First Set a target timing that is 2 minutes above your usual sex timing, initiate intercourse with your partner and once you sense that your ejaculation is near press the pause button, withdraw out your penis practicing CRK, wait
    for your break timing to end and resume intercourse with CRK till you achieve your target timing. Consequently in your next session
    decrease your pause timing by 5 seconds and you will keep on decreasing your pauses in each training session until you achieve your target timing without any breaks. Once you achieve your target
    timing without any pauses, then increase your target timing by the same number of your initial target timing, practicing the same method in the same manner that we discussed above.  And if you failed
    in controlling your ejaculation in a certain session repeat the same pause timing until you achieve your overall target timing.

That’s it!!

Finally I repeat my thanking to this amazing disciplined user. And you could use these diagrams as a guide for your progress during your Ejaculation control journey with Ejacontro. 

Dr Mohamad Farrage
Founder of Ejacontro

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