The Pre-Plateau Start-Stop Method with EjaContro

One of the behavioral therapies of premature ejaculation is called the Start-Stop technique. This technique was developed by Dr James Semans in 1956 where it involves the man or his partner stopping penis stimulation once ejaculation is felt near, and when the feeling of ejaculation subsides penis stimulation resumes. This process is repeated until the man regains Control of his arousal. 

You will find this type of therapy available in EjaContro, where you will find a pause button at the bottom of the breathing animating screen to press it for your sex breaks, a pause countdown timer will appear to you and when it ends the animation resumes automatically so as your sex resumes. However we are introducing the Start-Stop method in a different style than the one of Dr Semans.

Now your sexual arousal consists of 4 phases: Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm, and Resolution. Masters and Johnson first developed this four-stage model for understanding male sexual response back in the 1960s and it still holds true today. 

  • In Excitment: Muscle tension increases. Heart rate quickens and breathing is accelerated. Skin may become flushed and penile erection occurs.
  • In Plateau: These changes are intensified, your testicles are withdrawn up into the scrotum, your erection is at its maximum state, approaching ejaculation. This phase is just at the edge of ejaculation.

The usual Start-Stop method designed by Dr Semans depends upon the latter phase, the plateau phase, that is once you sense that ejaculation is near, and you’re at the edge of ejaculation, you stop thrusting waiting for this sense to subside. The disadvantage of this method is that sometimes men fails in controlling their arousal during this stage, where they stop thrusting while they are at the edge of ejaculation hoping and wishing that this sense soon subsides but unfortunately sometimes it fails where they could not have good control on their selves, and this method becomes not effective, where they end up ejaculating.

Ejacontro will adjust this method for you in a more practical way. Ejacontro will guide you to stop thrusting before approaching this pre-ejaculatory phase.


The Pre-Plateau Start-Stop Method 

The name of this method implies to stop thrusting before approaching the plateau phase, or your pre-ejaculatory phase. By doing this practice you’re staying away from your plateau phase, which is your vulnerable, uncontrollable phase that can lead to your uncontrolled ejaculation. Allowing for a better arousal control compared to the usual start stop method.

To apply this method with your partner using Ejacontro, first pick your level of difficulty, your target timing, then you start sexual intercourse with your partner using your Continuous Reverse Kegels (CRK) and breathing guided by the animated triangle and the Binaural beats.

“Search for the Breath Cycle that
has your Plateau phase”

Then you start counting the cycles of breathing you’re practicing during intercourse, (so inhale-Hold-Exhale that makes one cycle of breathing) and note down the order number of the cycle where your arousal is difficult to be controlled, or in other words search for the breath cycle order that has your plateau phase.

Note: Counting will start from the 3rd cycle of breathing as action starts from this cycle.  You will find the breath cycles numbered for you.

So now you know your pace, depth (level of difficulty) and your breath cycle order where your arousal cannot be controlled any more, once you reach your plateau phase breath cycle press the pause button fast before ejaculating, wait for a sex break of 40 seconds. Then you resume intercourse with your partner putting in your mind that you will press the pause button at the end of the exhalation phase of the breath cycle order which precedes that number.

The animation will pause for 40 seconds, with a countdown timer appearing, so as you are going to take a break for 40 seconds where you could please your partner during this break by any other means, then the animation will resume automatically so as your intercourse will resume for the same number of breath cycles that you practiced before your break. Then pause again and resume And so on. Until you acheive your target timing. 

During your pauses, withdraw your penis out and focus on maintaining your Continuous Reverse Kegels (CRK) that we discussed in a previous article “Imagine you’re urinating continuosly”. And when the pause ends resume sex with CRK. 

What you’re noticing over here that you’re staying away from the trigger point that shoots your arousal, the trigger point that makes you sense your ejaculation is near. What you are doing now by this method that you’re stopping before this trigger point comes, training yourself to control your arousal more effectively. 

Let us take an example for good demonstration, you started sexual intercourse in the beginner’s mode with a target timing of 3 minutes, then
while you’re thrusting you noticed that your arousal cannot be controlled any more in the 6th cycle of breathing, so now you are aware of
the breath cycle order that has your plateau phase, press the pause button fast before ejaculating, wait for you sex break ends, and resume intercourse with your partner then press the pause button at the end of the exhalation phase of the “5th” cycle of breathing (the breath cycle that precedes your plateau phase cycle), take a break for 40 seconds, then resume sexual intercourse again with the same number of cycles (5 cycles) Until you reach your target timing. 

Once you notice that your arousal became more controlled and you reached your target timing successfully, then start now decreasing your pause timings, you can adjust the pause timer in the settings section. Start decreasing gradually in each and every practicing session with your partner by 10 seconds, making it for 30 seconds, then once you feel you’re in control, decrease it in your next session for a further 10 seconds, stopping for 20 seconds and you’ll remain doing that until no more pauses are needed where you will enjoy intercourse continuously without any breaks till you acheive those 3 minutes. 

If something went wrong and you started to have an uncontrolled ejaculation in a certain break timing then in your next session repeat the same break timing until you succeed in holding ejaculation for this selected break timing, and consequently in your next session you willl decrease your pause timing by 10 more seconds and so on until no more pauses will be needed, eventually you will be able to control your ejaculation throughout your whole session.

In case you were not able to control your ejaculation for 2 successive sessions with the same break timing, then in your next session increase this pause timing by 5 seconds. But this time when your arousal gets controlled, 
decrease your break timing in your next session by 5 seconds not 10 seconds. So just decrease your breaks by 5 seconds (not 10 seconds) in case you failed to control your arousal for 2 successive sessions.

Breath Cycle number 10
Sex break count-down timer

Let us take an other example for good demonstration of this issue:

  • You had today a target timing with your partner of 3 minutes, you had one break during those 3 minutes.
  • This break will be initially for 40 seconds, you were able to control your arousal during those 3 minutes session, then next time decrease this break timing to 30 seconds.
  • Your next session with your partner went fine and you were able to control yourself during those 30 seconds break session, consequently in your next session you decreased your break to 20 seconds.
  •  Unfortunately, in your next session, you were not able to control yourself in the 20 seconds break session and you had an unexpected ejaculation, so the next session repeat the same break timing again.  One of 2 things might happen in the next session: you succeed in controlling your arousal or you fail again.
  • In case you were able to control yourself in the next session with the same 20 seconds pause timing, then continue decreasing your pauses by 10 seconds in your consequent session. Making your next break timing 10 seconds. 
  • In case you were NOT able to control your arousal again (for the second time) with the same 20 seconds break session, then increase 5 seconds in your next session, making it for 25 seconds. And start decreasing your break timings by 5 seconds from this time not 10 seconds, making your next session 20 seconds break, then 15 then 10 and so on..

Note: If you want to play safe, having the feeling that you have a poor arousal control, and you are worried from such issue might happen so just decrease 5 seconds in your break timings from the start and that’s it. And repeat the same break timing in case you failed in controlling your arousal in one of your sessions .

This Flow Chart will describe your break sequence in case you did not understand.

Next thing, after acheiving your target timing successfully without any pauses, you will increase your target timing gradually.

Initially you will Start by adding 2 minutes to your usual sex timing. For example your usual sex duration used to be for 1 minute, make first your target timing to 3 minutes and practice the Pre-Plateau start-stop method with breathing, smiling and CRK during those 3 minutes, and once you succeed in achieving those 3 minutes fully without any pauses, in your next session double your target timing to 6 minutes.

Now you will have sex non stop for your previously trained target timing (3 min.) then the number of breath cycles you are going to practice beyond your previous successful non-stop target timing (3 minutes) will be the same number that you used before your plateau phase cycle. Then pause and resume for the same number of breath cycles until you reach your new target timing and redo the same practice that we discussed above.

Once you succeed in achieving those 6 minutes successfully without any pauses. Make it then for 9 minutes. Consequently having sex non stop for your trained 6 minutes, breath cycles will be the same beyond those six minutes, pause and resume till you achieve those 9 minutes… and so on then you’ll make your target 12 minutes then 15 and so on.. In other
words increase your target timings gradually by adding your initial target timing (e.g. 3+3, 6+3, 9+3, 12+3,..etc.) or the multiple of your initial target timing (3×2, 3×3, 3×4,..etc..) until you reach your overall target timing.

Practice the Pre-Plateau Start-Stop method with the other techniques during each session and once you have the feeling that you can hold it during a session timing without any pauses, add the same initial timing in your next session and so on. Until you reach your overall target timing. 

This method will be performed in each stage of difficulty in the same manner, For example you had an overall target timing of 20 minutes in the
Beginner mode, you started with 3 minutes and increased 3 minutes gradually till you achieved those 20 minutes successfully, without any pauses by applying these methods. 

Then you’re going to shift towards the intermediate mode practicing the same method in the same manner by adding the multiple of your initial sex timing (starting from 3 minutes up to 20 minutes) until you acheive your overall target timing in the intermediate mode, then shift towards the advanced mode. 

The Advanced mode will have a different strategy compared to the previous 2 modes. The advanced mode is much harder with full penile withdrawal and faster thrusting speed. So therefore it should have a special treatment. 

Here you are going to add one minute to your initial sex timing not the usual 2 minutes, for example if your sex timing was 2 minutes you will set your target to 3 minutes and start to build your overall target timing from this point in the same manner as we discussed above.

The following diagram is shared with us from a unique user of Ejacontro.
His story is mentioned in a separate article. He designed this diagram to explain to other users his progress using this method. You can read the article that mentions his story for more understanding. and you can depend on this diagram as a guide for you.

Beginner mode strategy of a unique Ejacontro user

Note that, his initial sex duration was 2 minutes.He added 2 minutes to his initial sex timing making it for 4 minutes, practicing the pre-plateau method
until achieving those 4 minutes without pauses and he kept on increasing his target timing by 4 (his initial target timing) till achieving his overall target timing which was 20 minutes.


  • You might feel, in the beginning, that the Beginner mode is slightly boring due to the same continuous rhythm of thrusts. You should notice that the Beginner mode is an important primary step to set your mind and body for an effective arousal control, you should be patient in this important step. You have to follow the thrusting pattern that the beginner mode is providing. The beginner mode is like adapting or training your mind and body on controlling your ejaculation on a low intensity sex. Preparing yourself for a later high intensity sex, imagine yourself running fast from your first attempt in exercising!! you cannot endure that! But first you have to practice walking for a certain time (Beginner mode) then you mix walking with running (intermediate mode) then eventually you will be able to run continuously (Advanced mode). The same principle lies over here.
  • Once you have adapted your mind and body on not ejaculating throughout your overall target timing in the beginner mode, then you can now shift to the intermediate mode, where you will find it really entertaining for both of you, because your speed of thrusts will variate between fast and slow, and it will be challenging and entertaining for you to sync your breath and thrusts with the animation & Binaural beats. So just be patient, follow our steps and you will eventually have the best ejaculation control ever. 
  • If this method does not suit you and still you have the feeling that you cannot control your arousal effectively despite following your breath cycles then you can neglect your breath cycle numbering and rely upon your sense of ejaculation ONLY. First Set a target timing that is 2 minutes above your usual sex timing, initiate intercourse with your partner and once you sense that your ejaculation is near press the pause button, withdraw out your penis practicing CRK, wait
    for your break timing to end and resume intercourse with CRK till you achieve your target timing. Consequently in your next session
    decrease your pause timing by 5 seconds and you will keep on decreasing your pauses in each training session until you achieve your target timing without any breaks. Once you achieve your target
    timing without any pauses, then increase your target timing by the same number of your initial target timing, practicing the same method in the same manner that we discussed above.  And if you failed
    in controlling your ejaculation in a certain session repeat the same pause timing until you achieve your overall target timing.

So briefly let us summarize what we were saying: 

1. First, set your target timing to two more minutes than your usual sex timing.   (except for the advanced mode which will be set for one minute.) 

2. Practice the Pre-Plateau Start-Stop method along with breathing (guided by animation and Binaural beats), Smiling and CRK during this target timing.

3. Note down the order number of your breath cycle that has your plateau phase, press the pause button before ejaculating, resume intercourse with guided breathing and press the pause button at the end of the exhalation phase of the breath cycle order that precedes this number.

4. Initially your pauses will be for 40 seconds, and if you succeeded in holding it for this break time, you will decrease your pause timings by 10 seconds in your next session. And you will keep on decreasing your breaks by 10 seconds in each session as long as you are able to control your self. Whereas if you failed you will repeat the same pause duration. Then keep on decreasing by 10 seconds until no pauses will be needed any more. 

5. In case you failed in controlling your arousal for 2 successive sessions with the same break timing, in your next session you will increase your break timing by 5 seconds, then start decreasing your break timings by 5 seconds (not 10 seconds).

6. Once you succeed in controlling your ejaculation for the selected target timing, without any pauses, add your initial target timing to your next session, having non-stop sex for your previously successful nonstop target timing, then practice the same number of breath cycles and pause and redo the same method in the same manner. keep on increasing until you reach your overall target timing in the selected
mode of difficulty.

7. Once you reach your overall target timing in the selected mode of difficulty, shift to the next mode practicing from the beginning in the same manner by adding 2 more minutes to your initial sex timing, as mentioned above. (except for the advanced mode where one minute will be added)  reaching the advanced mode where eventually you will experience a highly controlled arousal, ruling your ejaculation.

Please read also the article entitled “An Amazing Progress from a unique Ejacontro User” for an amazing demonstration of this

Dr Mohamad Farrage
Founder of Ejacontro

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