The Continuous Reverse Kegels (CRK) Technique; Your first door for effective use of Ejacontro app

You might be familiar with an exercise known as Kegels exercises. This exercise involves squeezing your PC (Pubo-coccygeous) muscle several times for a certain period of time to strengthen this muscle.  And this exercise will eventually increase the strength of the PC muscle.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the PC muscle is the muscle that stops the flow of your urine during  urination, you can feel it contracting if you placed your fingers over your perenium (the small area that lies between your scrotum and your anal opening) kegels exercise helps to strengthen this muscle by which that improves your sex performance.

Now I believe that this exercise is very helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but I don’t believe that this exercise is really helpful in premature ejaculation, might be slightly helpful, but it is not of that great help, I’ll explain why.

Now one of the reflexes that is included in ejaculation is called the spinal reflex (reflexogenic pathway). This reflex involves ejaculation through a nerve conduct from the nerve endings in the penis to the spine, through a nerve conduct from your spine back to your ejaculatory muscles, which ends by involuntary contractions of your PC muscle leading to ejaculation. The assumed way of Kegel exercise being of help in PE, that by strengthening this muscle you’ll be able to contract this muscle when you sense that ejaculation is near, then you will be able to block the pathway of semen and you won’t ejaculate. However if you tried to contract this muscle during intercourse you will be actually triggering this ejaculatory reflex, and you’ll not be able to control your self where you will end up ejaculating sooner.

There is also an other cause related to your urinary sphincter tension.  Urination is controlled by your parasympathetic nervous system, by relaxing your urinary sphincter,  whereas holding your urine is supported by your sympathetic nervous system, by making your urinary sphincter tense to block your bladder from expelling urine. Now by contracting your PC muscle you will tense up your urinary sphincter, so therefore if you tried to contract your PC muscle during intercourse, as if holding your urine, you are supporting your sympathetic activity which induce ejaculation. 

When we talk about “ejaculation control” the PC MUSCLE is an extremely important muscle that helps in controlling PE if you ruled it you’ll acheive your target timing with your partner using your Ejacontro bed-side tool.

If you noticed, the tension of your PC muscle is related to your sexual arousal, in the beginning of your sexual arousal this muscle is relaxed or slightly tense, and the more aroused you get the more tension builds up on this muscle until inevitable involuntary successive contractions  occurs which forms your ejaculation, as the contraction of this muscle is one of the muscles which is responsible for the gush of your semen.

Now consider this muscle as the scale of your arousal. The more relaxed it is the more you’re away from ejaculation, the more tense it is, the nearer is your ejaculation.  As I mentioned before that Some might say that Kegel exercises helps to strengthen the PC muscle and helps to block the flow of semen once ejaculation happens, I’ll tell them it is really difficult for most guys to do such thing, because you cannot control yourself during ejaculation, it is an involuntary reflex, we can’t have good control over it. Once it happens there is no way back.

So our main goal over here that this muscle should be relaxed during intercourse, the more relaxed is your PC muscle the easier is the control of your Ejaculation, and here comes our main topic over here which is the REVERSE KEGELS.

Reverse kegels is the opposite of kegels which means learning how to relax your PC muscle, want to know how to relax it? You are actually relaxing it to start urinating, or peeing, and that keeps your urine flow continuous, the moment where your urine flow is at its peak, is the moment of maximal relaxation of your PC muscle. Do you feel that sense when you relax your PC muscle to urinate? Now remember this sensation as it’ll be our approach in the next paragraph.

The Continuous Reverse Kegels (CRK) technique

Now to practice it effectively you have to empty your bladder before sexual intercourse, then relax your PC muscle “as if you’re urinating” and make a slow full penetration with your erect penis into your partner’s vagina then press the play button of the animating triangle of Ejacontro, while maintaining this relaxed state of your PC muscle during sex, I call this the Continuous Reverse Kegels (CRK) techniqueI want you to imagine as if you’re peeing (urinating) into your partner’s vagina continuously and hold this thought in your mind during intercourse along with syncing your breathing phase with the animated triangle of breathing and the Binaural beats. 

Now this technique is the first thing that should be done before pressing the play button of the animating triangle of Ejacontro and when you start feeling that your PC tension starts to build up where you can’t control it anymore, press the pause button relax for 40 seconds to reset your PC muscle towards CRK mode then resume intercourse with CRK.

When you are practicing CRK with your partner during intercourse, you are actually telling your brain “I am going to urinate”. This practice supports your parasympathetic nervous system as urination is under control of your parasympathetic nervous system, therefore that will subside your sense of Ejaculation.

Now how EjaContro will help you over here on this condition? EjaContro will help you 1st through the binaural beats which will be played during intercourse through your headphones, this binaural beats will include the sound of flowing water, this sound really helps in relaxing your PC muscle, and the proof of that is during your showers you tend to feel like you want to urinate or even defecate during showering, why is that? This actually happens because this sound is a relaxing sound that actually stimulates your parasympathetic system, the water flowing sound will help you in relaxing your PC muscle and to control your ejaculation. 

It will also help you through the messages that comes every  2 cycles  of breathing which says “PLEASE SMILE” “CRK” these messages are reminders for you to relax, control your arousal and to keep on smiling and practicing CRK.

The Triangular Reverse Kegels Exercise

In addition to that Ejacontro will help you to practice Continuous Reverse Kegels on your own without your partner, through the Woman in action section. (The woman in action section is the animating screen that will be used when your partner is the one who is in control during sex, other uses of it is meditation and Triangular Reverse Kegels exercises).

Now to practice reverse kegels with it, first remember to empty your bladder, (you have to be wearing loose pants) then select 10 minutes on the duration of the woman in action section, once the animation starts, start breathing, strongly flex your PC muscle during inhalation, slightly relax it in the hold in phase  and completely relax it in the exhalation phase (as if you’re practicing CRK or in other words telling your brain to urinate).That will train you to relax your PC muscle in case your PC muscle gets tense during intercourse. (also you are improving the strength of your PC muscle for better erections) The hold in and exhalation phases lengthens every 2 cycles of breathing, so it will actually help you to relax the PC muscle more during these phases of breathing. You will do this for 7 minutes and in the last 3 minutes focus in just relaxing your PC muscle (as if you are urinating). Visualize that you are having sex with your partner during those 3 minutes while your PC muscle is relaxed. 

 Do this exercise every day, for 10 minutes, to rule your PC muscle and have good control over your ejaculation. 

Please consider that the Continuous Reverse Kegels technique is the first practice done by you during intercourse along with breathing and Smiling, for effective ejaculation control.

Moreover you have to do daily squats to improve the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, Strong pelvic floor muscles will improve your stamina and erection, thus improving your ejaculation control. You can alo use the Woman in Action section to perform the Squats exercise, take a deep diaphragmatic breath on the inhalation side while standing, Squat on the hold-in phase holding your breath, and stand in the exhalation phase while exhaling. Repeat that again for 10 minutes daily. You’ll find it getting more difficult as hold-in phase’s timing increases thus your squat timings increases.

Now some of you may find it difficult to relax your PC muscle during sex, mostly due to your penis’s increased sensitivity, so if you are one of them, what I recommend during this time is to start wearing a thick condom first, to help in reducing your penis sensitivity and once you start feeling that you can easily relax your PC muscle and you started to acheive your target with Ejacontro, then start practicing it with a usual condom then eventually without the condom.

So to sum it up, 

No. 1 Empty your bladder first

No. 2 Relax your PC muscle before penetration 

No. 3 Maintain this relaxation during intercourse, CRK technique

Dr Mohamad Farrage
Founder of Ejacontro


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