“Putting it all together” How to effectively use Ejacontro app? Step by Step guide.

How to start using EjaContro?

First you have to take a warm shower, research proofed that warm showers supports your parasympathetic system where your blood pressure and your heart rate lowers down, then make sure to empty your urinary bladder and be sure that the room temperature is warm and not cold. As low temperatures might have an impact over your performance and can cause you to ejaculate sooner. Otherwise you can cover yourself and your partner with a blanket during intercourse.

If you’re planning to be the one who is in action (as in the missionary position) you’ll pick the ‘Man in action’ section and your mode of difficulty, your required time of sex (start by adding 2 minutes to your actual time and start building your target timing from there)  press the start button, put on your headset (wireless ear buds are recommended for ease of use) and leave it on standby mode. Don’t press the play button unless you make a full penetration first . N.B. Don’t forget to empty your bladder before sex for effective practice of Continuous Reverse Kegels.

The stand-by screen. Don’t press the play button unless you Place your headset and a full penetration are done first.

Start with foreplay with your partner and give enough time for foreplay don’t make it a short period, studies discovered that women enjoys foreplay even more than actual intercourse.  Make it  a minimum of a 15 minutes duration, and it’ll be much better if you can make it more than that. 

After foreplay with your partner, before penis insertion, put on your headset to listen to the binaural beats, then you’ll RELAX YOUR PC MUSCLE, by performing the Continuous Reverse Kegels that we discussed in the previous article and MAINTAIN this state of relaxation DURING penis insertion. As we said before I need you to imagine as if you are CONTINUOSLY URINATING into your partner’s vagina. A full deep penetration will be done “SLOWLY” then the play button will be pressed. (If you haven’t read the CRK technique article please read it first before continuing)

Some of you might say that a full deep penetration will make me ejaculate more faster! I’ll tell them that’s true but that’s without using the CRK technique, using the CRK technique will help you to relax your PC muscle, continuously repelling your sense of ejaculation, besides if you noticed in this app’s technique, it’s not your depth of penetration that increases your arousal, it’s your level of penile withdrawal, as penis friction using EjaContro will be maximal during penis withdrawals. Whereas the level of penis withdrawals will increase by increasing your level of difficulty.

Circle labeled ‘1’ blinks indicating inthrust

Circle labeled ‘0’ blinks indicating out thrust

When you press the start button, you’ll  notice that the first 2 cycles of breathing has fully shaded circles in all phases of breathing, which indicates that a full deep entry is done and there will be no any strokes during these 2 cycles of breathing. This is common in all modes of difficulty to reset your mind and body before penis thrusts. Preparing yourself for a well controlled sex. Although you will give some time for the binaural beats to cause it’s positive effect on your brain.  

First 2 cycles of breathing

Fully shaded circles labeled ‘0’ and ‘1’ indicating no thrusting

During these first 2 cycles while you’re in full penetration of your partner, you’ll focus mainly on four things:

1st Your partner

2nd Maintaining the CRK technique 

3rd Belly breathing along your phase of breathing in the app’s triangle and the binaural beats with inhalation through your nostrils and exhalation from your mouth.

4th Your Smile. 

This ‘no strokes’ triangle of breathing is common in all modes of difficulty where you will start with it always, to reset your mind and body preparing for a well controlled sex.

You  could even rub your partner’s clitoris with your pelvic bone, while remaining still inside her vagina. This act will decrease your penile stimulation while increasing her pleasure. 

Then action starts in the 3rd cycle of breathing, in the ‘Beginner’s mode’ you’ll notice the inhalation side of the triangle is having fully shaded circles throughout the phase, which indicates that there will be no any strokes and you’ll remain still inside your partner in this phase of breathing, then strokes will be in the hold-in and exhalation phases only, where your penis withdrawal will be quarter the length of your partner’s vagina. (Remember not full withdrawal for less friction with your penis and not to be easily aroused)( You could also please your partner by stimulating her clitoris while remaining still in the inhalation phase, by gliding your pelvic bone upon her clitoris)

Beginner’s mode triangle with fully shaded circles on inhalation phase indicating no thrusts in this phase of breathing 

No strokes in the inhalation phase of breathing

Penis withdrawal is 1/4 the length of vagina in hold-in and exhalation phases if breathing

So strokes will be in hold in and exhalation phases and no strokes will be in inhalation phases, where during the inhalation phase you’ll stop any thrusts and reset your mind and body by relaxing your PC muscle practicing the CRK technique and smiling. Every 2 cycles of breathing the length of the hold-in and exhalation phases gets longer so more strokes will be involved during these phases of breathing. Remember when exhalation phases timing increases you have to exhale slowly to cover up the whole phase.

You’ll find the same idea in the intermediate and advanced modes, where your penis withdrawal will be 1/2 the length of vagina in the the intermediate mode and 3/4 the length of vagina in the advanced modes, and that will be in the hold in and exhalation phases, where a lesser depth of penis withdrawal will be in the inhalation phases of these modes.

Intermediate mode’s penis withdrawal during hold-in and exhalation phases

Advanced mode’s penis withdrawal during hold-in and exhalation phases

As we mentioned before, you’ll try hardly to maintain your state of relaxation of your PC muscle during intercourse by practicing the CRK technique, as your PC muscle is considered to be your thermometer of arousal, the more tense it gets the more chance you’re going to ejaculate, once you sense that you cannot have control over it, press the pause button and stop any strokes. (You could even pull out your penis if ejaculation is so near and you had the feeling that if you remained inside you’re going to ejaculate) This pause will be ranging from 5 to 40 seconds, a countdown timer will appear indicating the pause time and once it ends the animation resumes so as your sex resumes, note that you’ll penetrate again with CRK.

During this pause you’ll focus on maintaining CRK technique, your smile and pleasing your partner by any other means. You will start with a 40 seconds break then you will gradually decrease this number by 10 seconds when you get advanced. You can adjust the pause timer in the settings section. (read carefully the “Pre-Plateau Start-Stop method” article for complete understanding)

You could even stop any thrusts during the “Inhalation phase”, if you felt in the middle of your way to your target timing, that you’re going to loose control over your PC muscle, to reset your mind and focus on Continuous reverse Kegels and smiling. And that will be in any mode of difficulty whether it’s the intermediate or advanced modes.

Speed of thrusts 

Note: You might feel, in the beginning, that the Beginner mode is slightly boring due to the same continuous rhythm of thrusts. You should notice that the Beginner mode is an important primary step to set your mind and body for an effective arousal control, you should be patient in this important step. You have to follow the thrusting pattern that the beginner mode is providing. The beginner mode is like adapting or training your mind and body on controlling your ejaculation on a low intensity sex. Preparing yourself for a later high intensity sex, imagine yourself running fast from your first attempt in exercising!! you cannot endure that! But first you have to practice walking for a certain time (Beginner mode) then you mix walking with running (intermediate mode)  then eventually you will be able to run continuously (Advanced mode). The same principle lies over here.

Once you have adapted your mind and body on not ejaculating throughout your overall target timing in the beginner mode, then you can now shift to the intermediate mode, where you will find it really entertaining for both of you, because your speed of thrusts will variate between fast and slow, and it will be challenging and entertaining for you to sync your breath and thrusts with the animation & Binaural beats. So just be patient, follow our steps and you will eventually have the best ejaculation control ever.

The animated triangle of breathing will guide you with the speed and depth of  strokes during intercourse, you will find it a stroke every 2 seconds in the Beginner’s mode and a stroke every second in the Intermediate and Advanced modes with the difference in the level of penis withdrawal in the 3 modes. Note that the speed of strokes, in the intermediate and advanced modes, will be for every 2 seconds initally for the first 2 cycles then the 1 second strokewill start in the third cycle till the end of your target timing.  

If you have the feelling that your penis is highly sensitive and you cannot have good control over your PC muscle, relaxing it efficently with penis stimulation, so I recommend to start using a thick condom to decrease your penis sensitivity, and once you feel you’re in good control start having sex with a usual condom then eventually without the condom.

Note that  there are four things you are going to practice maintaining them together during intercourse:

1. Focusing on your partner

2. Your belly breathing along with the animated triangle and binaural beats

3. Continuous Reverse Kegels (CRK) technique

4. Your smile (you may speak to your partner during the exhalation phases as they get longer with the advance of your sex timing)

 Please note that, there is a small chance as I faced with some of my patients, that you’ll be not successful at your first attempt, just don’t get frustrated, you will only require to practice more often with your partner and on your own through the Triangular Reverse Kegel exercises, until you can sync your thrusts and breaths with your Ejacontro app. It will take time. If still after several times you are not able to get good control while you’re in action please shift to the woman in action section, where you’re partner will be in control. And once you start gaining control in the Woman in Action section shift to the Man in Action section.

If you’re in a position where your partner is the one whose in control (like the woman above position), you’ll use the ‘Woman in action’ section. The same as the man in action section you’ll pick you’re target timing and after full penetration you or you’re partner may press the start button and your partner will start to engage. 

Woman in action animating triangle of breathing

During her action you’ll just relax listen to the binaural beats and follow the breathing phase of the animating triangle, keep on smiling and practicing the CRK technique. If you feel that you’re near to ejaculation ask your partner to stop press the pause button take a break for 40 seconds to breath, smile and relax your PC muscle (CRK), and then resume sex after 40 seconds, this break time will get shorter once you get advanced in you’re arousal control. You can adjust the pause timer in the settings section.

It is important also the way your partner will move, the movement preferred in case you’re arousal is difficult to be controlled is front/backward movement rather than an up/down movement, using this technique will make her more aroused and will not make you over stimulated.

Allow me to remind you again: If you feel that you’re not in good control in the ‘Man in action’ section despite following our precautions I recommend to shift to the ‘Woman in action’ section where your partner whom will be in control and only then when you start to feel you’re arousal can be controlled by reaching your target timing you can shift to the ‘Man in action’ section.

Dr Mohamad Farrage


Founder of Ejacontro

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