Binaural beats with Premature Ejaculation

One of the therapeutic techniques available with EjaContro is the delivery of relaxing sounds into your ears known as “Binaural beats”.

Binaural beats are tones of a different frequency delivered to each ear through headphones to force the brain to perceive a third tone. If we played 200Hz in one ear and 190Hz in the other, the brain will hear a third tone of the difference i.e. 10Hz and you should feel calm, relaxed, a bit dreamy and more creative. Human hearing can’t easily hear sounds below 20Hz so this is a great way to do it.

Binaural beats were first theorized in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove but was first scientifically tested and proven in 1973 by Dr. Gerald Oster, a medical doctor and biophysicist, when he published his finding in a research paper called Auditory Beats in the Brain (….). The study opened up a whole new area of science as it showed how sound affects the way and how quickly the brain learns new information, mood control, sleep patterns and healing responses within the body, among many other items.

Neuro-electric therapy engineer Dr. Margaret Patterson and Dr. Ifor Capel, showed in there experiments () how a 10 Hz brainwave frequency (alpha brainwaves), increased the production of serotonin, to help ease pain and increase relaxation. Note that serotonin is an essential hormone which helps you to last longer in case it was abundant, that is why SSRIs were introduced in the treatment of PE as they enhance the effect of your brain’s serotonin. Thus an increase of serotonin levels will lead to delayed ejaculation.

From these facts we conclude that Binaural beats are very helpful in the treatment of premature ejaculation, as they help in relaxing your body thus supporting your parasympathetic system, besides it helps in increasing your serotonin levels which is an essential hormone that helps in controlling your arousal.

Binaural beats will be played During the triangular breathing animations of EjaContro, Binaural beats will be played to help you relax during your intercourse, it’ll also guide you on the phases of breathing so that you can look at your partner without loosing track of your breathing phase, so please put on your headset (wireless ear buds are recommended for ease of use otherwise use your usual headset.) Please put on your headset during standby before pressing the play button i.e. before penetration. 

Dr Mohamad Farrage


Founder of Ejacontro

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